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Why SlipstreamVPN?


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Your connection to our servers is encrypted with SHA256 RSA and TLS v1.3 (the same encryption that connects you to online banking sites) with certificate transparency via LetsEncrypt.

Private & No Logs

We only store the minimum amount of data needed to keep our services secure, cheap and running. You can find out more at our Terms of Service and privacy policy. We do not log traffic that follows our Terms of Service.

Blocks Ads

Some VPNs display ads in their clients, or worse, inject ads into websites you visit. Instead, we block connections to over 150,000 known ad & tracking sites at the server for more performant blocking than browser-based blocking extensions, decreasing the data you use, improving page load times, and improving your privacy.


Even our free plans allow for enough bandwidth to stream 2 simultaneous HD videos with low latency. Paid plans allow for even faster speeds.



Item Free Tier Paid Premium Custom
Price $0/month $1.99/month $9.99/month $14.99/month
Servers Shared Server Premium Shared server Private server in region you choose 1 private free, $6.99/server/month after
Data Cap 10GB/month 50GB/month 1TB/month 1TB free, $11.99/TB/month after
Bandwidth 15Mbit/s 100Mbit/s 1500Mbit/s 1500Mbit/server/second
Support Email (3 business day avg. response time) Email (2 business day avg. response time) Priority email (10 hour avg.) Priority email (5 hour avg.)
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